Introducing Blue Fiddle

Blue Fiddle is the long, rich history of American music incarnate. Drawing from Irish, bluegrass, folk, roots, jazz, and polka, their signature sound takes you on a journey—from a Civil War era campfire, to an Ozark mountain foot stomp; from an impromptu jamboree on a neighbor’s front porch, to a cozy, wood-paneled Dublin pub.

Formed in 2004, the Arkansas-based acoustic trio forges a new direction in Irish/American music. Multi-instrumentalists and award-winning songwriters, band members Joe Hamilton, Tom Ware and John Lindquist each bring a distinct musical style to the table, finding common ground in the Celtic rhythms of Ireland.

Influenced by the traditionalism of the Clancy Brothers and the Dubliners, and inspired by the drive and energy of Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys, Blue Fiddle is fueled by the band members’ longtime friendship and powered by extraordinary musical talent.

“When we play together, I’m sitting in the best seat in the house—between two of the finest musicians I’ve ever heard.”  -Joe Hamilton

Blue Fiddle’s 2010 self-titled CD features eight original and three traditional Irish songs. Weaving universal themes of love, loss, friendship, honor, anger, drunkenness and traveling the open road into its patchwork quilt of ballads, jigs, reels, pop and folk, the album’s tales are told through lyrical poetry, gritty narratives, and foot-tapping, heart-pounding instrumentals.

The band was named after Tom Ware’s 25-year-old Alvarez fiddle.

“It’s always been my signature fiddle. It’s nothing special, but it’s special to me.”  -Tom Ware

Individually, these fine musicians have toured with well-known artists around the country and around the world. Together, they have performed at fairs, international festivals, pub crawls, chautauquas, schools, and performing arts venues. As a member of the Arkansas Arts Council “Arts on Tour” roster of artists, Blue Fiddle’s Ozark roots run deep.

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